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ill.i Optics Glasses

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The Ill.i.Optics glasses are’s latest offering from his brand as he branches out into the world of eyewear. Being known as a mogul in the music industry (a far cry from eyewear), you’d be forgiven for thinking these glasses were run of the mill but as with anything puts his hand to, these are nothing short of iconic. Partnering with innovative Australian designer George Gorrow, the award-winning artist has created a range of prescription glasses paying homage to the evolution of eyewear by featuring rare vintage shapes, twisted and remodeled into more contemporary designs., real name William James Adams said that he saw a gap in the market of eyewear which is why he created his “honest brand – it’s about dedication and passion.”

Ill.i.Optics has taken inspiration from the past two decades and one of the most renowned eyewear designs of all time, featuring a variety of bold shapes using acetate and of course, metal. The collection you see before you offers a hint back to his early career days, suggesting a mention to the eighties hip hop pioneers and graffiti artists of that time, often wearing glasses that were larger than life. Having funded and designed this collection himself, is nothing short of passionate about the line he’s created and this is only emphasised in the strong details or as the artist himself puts it, “it’s a quiet riot, a powerful silence.”

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