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Tag Heuer Glasses

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Tag Heuer are perhaps one of the most famous watchmakers in the world and have been since 1860. They’re considered one of the most aspirational brands with a strong and super clear ethos; sporty and spirit achieving, prestige and of course performance, innovating and lastly, pioneering design. With such success as watchmakers, eyewear was quite simply a natural progression and so the Tag Heuer Avant-Garde Eyewear collection was born. Tag Heuer glasses are made in France using the very latest techniques and of course, the most noble materials such as beta titanium, carbon fibres and in some cases, even diamonds. As a result, Tag Heuer eyewear is considered the ultimate combination of strength, comfort, light-weight design and of course, elegance.

Tag Heuer prescription glasses have been created with different lifestyles in mind, from urban lifestyles to those in search of more rural activities from golf to motor racing. Tag Heuer glasses are said to be dedicated to a modern life and that’s exactly what they set out to prove time and time again. From sensational acetates to lightweight metals, Tag Heuer eyewear is the eyewear to see and be seen in, literally.

Browse the full range of Tag Heuer prescription glasses online today and enjoy contemporary styling with understated confidence.

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