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What did people do before the invention of glasses?

Written by: Gregory MillerHave you ever wondered why there are so many individuals who wear glasses? Nearsightedness, better known as myopia, has been an issue that humanity has faced for many years. Scientists have predicted …

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How To Clean Your Glasses

.single-post .blog-main img {margin: 25px 0 -25px !important;}.single-post .blog-main h2 {padding: 0px 0 20px !important;}Whether you wear your eyeglasses to help you see better or just to look more stylish, cleaning them on a daily …

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Designer Glasses: An introduction to Glasses Frames

Diving Into HistoryDesigner glasses have become a new trend in the 21st century, but did you know that ancient Greeks were the first to begin studying eyes? Their curiosity of how magnification worked led them …

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Vision Studies: The Optometry Timeline

The profession of optometry has a long, notable past. Its concepts can be dated back as far as the 12th century. During its infancy, the field of optometry wasn't taken seriously in the eyes of …

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Eye Health: 11 Tips for Protecting Your Vision in 2017

Around the world, more than 20 million people suffer from vision loss due to eye disease. These diseases range from macular degeneration and glaucoma to cataracts after age 40. Did you know that many eye …

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